With the increasing network of smartphones around, cellphone signal jumpers are quite handy if you want to keep have your employees productive and away from their phones during work hours. Most quality signal jumpers however are not a cheap affair, if you are looking to get quality for your money you need to invest in the best. Therefore, before you buy any cellphone signal jumper the following are some of the factors you will need to consider.




When purchasing a cellphone signal jumper at on of the many things you should go for is its functionality. Not all devices are the same, whereas others are effectively and block all signals from completely accessing a mobile device others have weaker signals that allows signals to pass. When purchasing a cellphone signal jumper it also pays to get the best equipment that will help you attain your target.


Warranty policy


As stated earlier, cellphone signal jumper devices are not cheap. These are lifetime investments that ought to be purchased with caution. Before you invest your money on any product ensure that you have a guarantee that you will get your money back or a replacement if chance it is faulty. Warranty policies and binding, therefore before you put pen to paper ensure you go through the document and be in agreement with it.


Vendor's experience in business


Like in any other business, the signal jumper device business has a lot of scams to. Before buying any device, consider doing your research on the company you want to buy from. Ensure that the quality of their products is up to standards. Additionally if they have a website, log in and see how their customers perceive their products. The best vendor to buy from should be one who has been long enough in the industry and has a reputation of tending to the needs of their customers, visit website here!


Discreet or non-discreet?



The decision whether to buy a discreet signal jumper or not all lies within your needs. Ideally if you are looking to maintain quietness in a public place you might want to consider purchasing a discreet signal jumper, however if you are looking one for the office a non-discreet one would do.  Still one the same point you might consider going for a portable one as it will give you the flexibility and convenience to use it anywhere you want. Get relevant information at