With the increasing network of smartphones around, cellphone signal jumpers are quite handy if you want to keep have your employees productive and away from their phones during work hours. Most quality signal jumpers however are not a cheap affair, if you are looking to get quality for your money you need to invest in the best. Therefore, before you buy any cellphone signal jumper the following are some of the factors you will need to consider.




When purchasing a cellphone signal jumper at on of the many things you should go for is its functionality. Not all devices are the same, whereas others are effectively and block all signals from completely accessing a mobile device others have weaker signals that allows signals to pass. When purchasing a cellphone signal jumper it also pays to get the best equipment that will help you attain your target.


Warranty policy


As stated earlier, cellphone signal jumper devices are not cheap. These are lifetime investments that ought to be purchased with caution. Before you invest your money on any product ensure that you have a guarantee that you will get your money back or a replacement if chance it is faulty. Warranty policies and binding, therefore before you put pen to paper ensure you go through the document and be in agreement with it.


Vendor's experience in business


Like in any other business, the signal jumper device business has a lot of scams to. Before buying any device, consider doing your research on the company you want to buy from. Ensure that the quality of their products is up to standards. Additionally if they have a website, log in and see how their customers perceive their products. The best vendor to buy from should be one who has been long enough in the industry and has a reputation of tending to the needs of their customers, visit website here!


Discreet or non-discreet?



The decision whether to buy a discreet signal jumper or not all lies within your needs. Ideally if you are looking to maintain quietness in a public place you might want to consider purchasing a discreet signal jumper, however if you are looking one for the office a non-discreet one would do.  Still one the same point you might consider going for a portable one as it will give you the flexibility and convenience to use it anywhere you want. Get relevant information at


It is when you want to interrupt or dislocate a radio signal device that you will also be needing another device which is called as a signal jammer. It is this one that is basically used to make sure that the signal of any cell phone will be disrupted or intercepted and will prevent it from receiving and transmitting any message. It is also these devices that are wireless and can be utilized in any location to make sure that any cell phone will be disabled. It is also this one that can be used to interfere the signals of wireless local area network or WLAN. There are many types if this kind of devices like the Bluetooth jammer, Wi-Fi jammers and more. There are even signal jammers that can disable and jam satellite.


With electronic devices that are in good condition, it is the signal jammer that will find it hard to on interrupt them. It is the signal jammers that are used and is strictly regulated by the government and its only aim is to jam the signals of cellular phones communication only. It is the signal jammer that has an effect on the receiving device due to the fact that it interferes with the cell phone as well as the base station. Since the signal jammer has a very little electromagnetic wave, it is considered to be safe for humans including the cell phone that it has interfered. But you also have to know that the bigger the jammer, the higher the electromagnetic wave that it produces and this should be used with precautions.


It is in the market that one of the most common signal jammers at this site is the cell phone jammer. Like what was enjoined, it is this one that disrupts and interferes cell phones from receiving any message since it affects the base station by making sure that the radio waves are being interfered. It is a 10 meter or 1-kilometer distance that the basic jammer can accommodate. There is also larger cell phone jammers that are used to for outdoors.



Another type of jammer which is commonly used is the GPS jammer. It is this one that is being used by the military to make sure that there will be confusion regarding their true location when the enemy is using a GPS to track them. There are also civilians that use this kind of jammers to make sure that the location of their cars will not be detected. It is these ones that can basically cover around 10 meters. See this new page at


Calling anyone at any time you want is simply wonderful. The sad thing is, shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants, concerts and churches even suffer from spread of cell phones as not all users know when they must stop on talking.


As a matter of fact, cell phones are basically handheld 2 way radios and similar to any other types of radios out there, its signal can be jammed or disrupted. By reading this article, you will be able to learn how these cell phone jammers function so better keep reading.


Disrupting cell phones is actually the same thing as jamming other types of radio communication at Cell phone functions by way of communicating with the service network via base station or cell tower. Cell towers are what divide the cities into smaller cells or areas. As a user drives down the street, this signal is passed from different towers. The jamming device on the other hand transmit the same radio frequency like what cell phone does, which allows it to disrupt communications between the phone and the base station.


Jamming devices at this site overpower cell phones by means of transmitting signals with the same frequency with enough power that the 2 signals are colliding and cancelling each one out. Cell phones are made to be able to add power if ever they experience low level interference. As a result, the jammer must be able to recognize and at the same time, match the increase in power from the cell phone.


Cell phones are actually full duplex devices which means that, they make use of 2 separate frequencies; one is intended for listening and one is for listening and this all happens simultaneously. Some jammers block one of the frequencies used by the device which creates the same effect of blocking both. The phone is tricked to thinking that there is no available service as it is only receiving one of the frequencies.



As for less complicated devices, they are only capable of blocking one group of frequencies while the more complex and sophisticated jammers have the ability of blocking different types of networks at once to be able to head off tri mode or dual mode that switch among various types of networks automatically to find an open signal. On the other hand, some of the high end devices can block all frequencies at once and several others can be tuned to one specific frequency only. To learn more, take time to watch this video at